Topics of Japanese history-Nara, the capital older than Kyoto (710 - 794)

(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

<Nara, the capital older than Kyoto (710-794), 青丹良き奈良,京都より古い日本の古都>   

Japan was allied with Paekche to introduce continent cultures. After Paekche extinction, a large number of king family and bureaucrats, engineers took refuge in Japan with their advanced culture and technology. After Japan restored diplomatic relations with Tang, Japan sent ambassadors and foreign students to introduce political systems, various culture and technology. Nara was made like capital Chang'an of Tang. There was made a great statue of Buddha (the world's largest casting product) in Todai-ji Temple (the world's largest wooden building). These might be Japanese admiration and enthusiasm for the Chinese civilization.

When going to Nara, I still feel bold Tang style in the pine wood with deers. Floral Nara is so called “bless of blue and red” and “peaceful roof waves”. Blue might be symbols of Japanese nature and red might be Tang culture (red pillars of palaces).

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