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Topics of Japanese history-Mausoleum

(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

China civilization which has advanced so early has many world's first technologies such as the Great Canal (2,000km from Beijing to Guangzhou), a lock, a large-scale dam like Dujiang Yan (BC251 of Qin dynasty), an arc bridge like Anji Bridge (605), a junk (watertight bulkhead, junk rig), cast iron, porcelain, paper, gunpowder, a compass, a stirrup, a crossbow, heavy cavalry and civil service examination (科挙). Japan introduced these since Yayoi era (BC3C to 3C). For example, Daisenryou Mausoleum which is world’s three biggest mausoleum with Giza Pyramid and Mausoleum of First Emperor of Qin was built in early 5C. It is 486m in total length and 36m in height. In addition, till 3C rice farming which need advanced irrigation technology spreaded out to Aomori (North end of Honshu Island, Northern latitude 40 ° 42 '). Agriculture tools (hoes and plows) mass-produced by cast iron might be used for these.

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益尾知佐子著「中国の行動原理-国内潮流が決める国際見解-」(中央公論新社刊)より まえがき ⅱ 「・・・欧米諸国が保守化を続け、中国の影響力の拡大がさらに進めば、中国が世界秩序を作る時代がやってくる可能性もある。」 まえがき ⅲ 「・・・しかし興味深いことに、中国人と話をすると、庶民も知識人も役人も、実に多くの人々が中国は本質的に平和的な存在だと主張する。」

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