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Topics of Japanese history-Gempei era


(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

<源平合戦、Gempei era>

In the interval of Fight in Yashima, the young expert of longbow of Gemji shot the folding fan which the court lady of Heisi had raised up highly on the ship.

This symbolizes Heisi that depended on sea power in western country and Genji that composed of horse army of eastern country. In addition, Heisi escaped to the west from Kobe to Yashima and Shimonoseki on Seto Inland Sea. It is also symbolic that Shimonoseki at west end of this sea were stages of the begin and end of Age of Samurai (Dannoura of 1185 and Choshu War of 1866).

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益尾知佐子著「中国の行動原理-国内潮流が決める国際見解-」(中央公論新社刊)より まえがき ⅱ 「・・・欧米諸国が保守化を続け、中国の影響力の拡大がさらに進めば、中国が世界秩序を作る時代がやってくる可能性もある。」 まえがき ⅲ 「・・・しかし興味深いことに、中国人と話をすると、庶民も知識人も役人も、実に多くの人々が中国は本質的に平和的な存在だと主張する。」

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