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My recent topics and interests, Episode 5

(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

About My wife's cooking and wine

My wife's cooking like the photos below is much better taste eating with wine or sake. Delicacy and grape flavor of white wine match well with Italian or French seafood dishes. Sake is good for Japanese food because both pull out each other "umami" (旨み、taste) . Because Japanese brew a large amount of sake from rice, I think Japanese are World's No. 1 drunkard. Someone drink 1 "shou" (1.8 liter) of sake at night. My great grandfather lay 1 barreled sake (36 liter) in the middle of the guest room and held "Haiku" (俳句) poetry meeting with his friends. ( Those were the days for peace-loving-people who had rich culture raised during Far East Peace by Japan, China and Korea for 250 years from the 17th century. There still remained all of these in my hometown Matsuyama (松山) which was the castle town blessed by this Far East Peace.

I like Bourgogne Blanc whose flavor, fruit taste and mineral are like Germany

wine like Pfalz Liebfraumilch Riesling which is my entrance to wine. I drink

Tokaji Furmint and Arthur Metz Gewürztraminer which is Elsäß (Alsace) with

a stork label. And also, Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie Vieille Vigne du Val

de Loire. With even curiosity, Sicilian white made from ancient Greek grapes.

Yesterday, I drank Georgian traditional method white which is made in big bowl Qvevri buried in the ground only in the good harvest year of grapes. Foods are gathered from all over the world to Japan. And there is the first sales wine shop of Japan in Hanshin department store of Osaka. So I bought a reasonable price one from $ 10 to $ 20 on my way back from the company. And recently I buy on holidays with my wife.





宮内 直(技術士、工学博士、機械学会フェロー) 地方公立名門高校の卒業生は人間力と好奇心・地頭が強く伸び代が大。率直で元気で挑戦的、ストレス・逆境に強く、様々の境遇の仕事相手の懐へ初対面でも飛込む。また地方の親達は「子供は何とか国立大学へ」と懸命に働き、子供もその感謝で社会に出て勤勉なので企業に人気。地方創生が最近よく話題になるが、明治の近代化から戦後復興・高度成長は、江戸時代の全264藩(領邦)


Jay Shafer's Stunning $5,000 Tiny House 3,025,516 回視聴 •2018/11/09 那須塩原市 上物作っていきます。前編#ミニ小屋作り#小屋暮らしとDIY 【土地開拓】#2 伐

駆け抜けし 昭和の星(スター)ら 浄土へと

人間、「はい、ここまで」という日は来る。 突然来る(交通事故など)。 一定期間の予告をもって来る場合もある(癌の告知後数か月から数年など。)。 病床に2、3日臥せれば、あっという間の身体の衰えを意識する。 身体、頭、目、手、足を動かしての命である。 「はいここまで」が来るまで、毎日、身体、頭、目、手、足を動かすことだ。 それは試験の1時間と同じだ。一生は試験の1時間だ。 「はいここまで」と言われる


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