My recent topics and interests, Episode 4

(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

About Harbin Electric Machinery Company

I thank very grateful to Mr. Liu Dengfeng and Vice President Dr. Qin Daqing and his staff of Research Institute of Large Electrical Machinery of Harbin Electric Machinery Company Ltd. (HEC for short). Though they were very busy with the performance test of the hydro-turbine to deliver to a customer, they provided experimental devices and the place to us and did great cooperation for the experiments. In addition, HEC have the success of the world's largest capacity hydro-turbine (800MW) in Xiangjiaba (向家壩) hydroelectric power plant of the upper reaches of Chang Jiang river . Though the infrastructure maintenance has been regarded as important for a long time by each dynasty such as Han, Tang and Song, these would also be big projects to be left in the Chinese history with South–North Water Transfer Project (南水北調) and Three Gorges Dam (三峡ダム). It is very impressive for me that a large number of HEC engineers and factory workers have not only intellect but also good spirit and morals. Furthermore, they have good footwork and positively cooperate each other. Those are the good way of manufacturing that Japanese makers also idealize (Mono-dzukuri). In addition, I was impressed and sympathized so highly that they develop and manufacture these turbines with the self-confidence of the world top maker and the faith that important social infrastructures in their country must be manufactured by themselves. Japanese engineers also has such faith because this is one of the Zeitgeist of a highly growing country.