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My recent topics and interests, Episode 3


(by S. Miyauchi, Professional Engineer, Doctor of Engineering, JSME Fellow)

About joint research with Tsinghua University, and two excellent professors

The study of pressure fluctuation in guide vane of a mixed flow pump is done by joint research of Kubota Corp. and Tsinghua Univ. from March, 2012 to March, 2014. As for the guide vane, due to the distortion caused by Jet-Wake flow from the impeller and rotor-stator interaction, the flow unsteadiness causes problems of vibration. Because guide vane is narrow and complicated three-dimensional shape, it is difficult to measure the pressure. The technology of stereolithographic model with plenty fine pressure pipes was used to manufacture a guide vane by Tokyo Fluid Research Co. ( And accurate and sensitive multipoint simultaneous measurements with high spatial and temporal resolution were done. Next, using various statistical analyses including higher order statistics (skewness S and kurtosis K), the characteristics of the measured pressure is examined (See the

attached file "Measurement of Pressure Fluctuation in Guide Vane of a Mixed flow Pump") . At that time, I studied with two professors, Zhu Bao-shan(祝宝山)and Luo Xian-wu(羅先武). Because of the professors of Tsinghua that is competing "the world's top institute of technology" with Caltech, they are very excellent. Prof. Zhu often study hydraulic turbine collaborating with Harbin Electric Machinery Co.. Prof. Luo is vigorously studying cavitation.

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益尾知佐子著「中国の行動原理-国内潮流が決める国際見解-」(中央公論新社刊)より まえがき ⅱ 「・・・欧米諸国が保守化を続け、中国の影響力の拡大がさらに進めば、中国が世界秩序を作る時代がやってくる可能性もある。」 まえがき ⅲ 「・・・しかし興味深いことに、中国人と話をすると、庶民も知識人も役人も、実に多くの人々が中国は本質的に平和的な存在だと主張する。」

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